A day for Super Moms, why not!

Although, I believe no one day could pay true homage to moms around the world, I give thanks to my super hero of a mom on #MothersDay. I colored her #locs to a beautiful golden #blonde #ombre' and designed her #nails using the #FrenchTips method. I added a little bling for sparkle and topped them off with a shiny #geltopcoat. I also cooked dinner for her, and me & my children baked her a cake. I let Jordan and Kennedy decorate it. It was so delicious!

#MothersDay we baked a cake for my mom!

My mother's day started off with #Apple saying her favorite line, "mom I'm thirsty!" And of course, I'm half awake pouring her some non dairy chocolate pea milk, into a cup I can barely see. We're unlearning dairy products in my household, yet she doesn't notice a difference. Now once we rid that cheese and sour cream, we'd be on point, and then I'd have to admit her and my youngest son into an insane asylum. Lol!

Kennedy on #MothersDay morning.

As the day advanced, my other two woke up with #MothersDay2018 praises. Making me feel so loved and special. My youngest son, Jordan, made me a paper ring and paper heart. He's such an artsy little person. My oldest boy, Jacob, gave me a long sincere hug with his heartfelt, "I love you mom, #happymothersday! Followed up with us separating our clothes to wash and prepare for our week ahead. YES, I SPENT MY SUNDAY MORNING WASHING ON MOTHERS DAY! Who else is going to do laundry for us? Besides ,mother's day is everyday for me and my mom. I'm sure if your a mom you can agree.

My mom and I in our first year in the A!

After I finished washing, me, Kennedy and my mom headed to the grocery store for dinner options. Came home and I prepared dinner. Sunday wasn't any different really. Besides all the loving and thoughtful texts from friends and family, my mom and I soak each others energy up anyway. Which can be nerve wrecking at times. But I guess this day was an exception! My mom means a lot to me. I don't say "I love you" to her enough. She's so strong, and smart and supportive. She'll go to war over her kids! My mom deserves much more than what I can physically give her. All moms do!

Not only am I grateful and in celebration of my mom, but for my babies! They keep me going, focused and driven to grow my career. My children are my angels and for that, mother's day was honored.

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