Visit the "Services" tab for prices of each nail, makeup, eyelash & brow service. ***Your deposit to book is not applied to your total balance***

When scheduling your appointment for a mobile salon service

such as nails, makeup, eyelashes and brows, please click the tab to read detailed description on our "Mobile Beauty Service".

Be sure to fill out everything that has an *asterick mark next to it. If you leave spaces blank it will not allow you to pay to book/confirm your desired service.

Also, explain in detail which service your booking for. If a nail or pedicure service, be as descriptive as possible. 


Tap the CHAT Button in the lower right hand corner of your screen, I am available 8am.-6pm. to reply. If I am with a client, please allow my response momentarily. Thank You for booking!

Our Services

  • In need of personal beauty service? We'll bring the salon to you!

    2 hr


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