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Hey honey's! I 'm eager to share with all of you what I've learned thus far within my professional beauty career as a licensed cosmetologist, makeup artist and serial entrepreneur!


I'm putting together monthly, virtual/live classes, that offers creative artistry,

diy steps to achieving specific nail, hair & makeup looks!

Along with beauty industry knowledge, and entrepreneurial tips via the web.

So I'm welcoming you and all of your friends to "Subscribe" to

my "LIVE CLASSES" for a monthly price of $9.99!

You get 4 videos a month (new topics weekly)

where you'll learn, engage and grow in your

personal/professional journey, freelance and 

entrepreneurial ventures or already established beauty career.

***And just for subbing, you get a FREE Beauty Box***

(Surprise Items!)

I'll be mixing it up from time-to-time with special guests,

so BEE sure to turn your email notifications on, follow me

on social media & see you in my next LIVE CLASS!

Subscribing to my live streamed classes,

you agree to the terms of use listed below:

*Purchase a no obligation, monthly subscription at $9.99 for unlimited access to live stream classes. Payments accepted through PayPal.

No PayPal account needed. Cancel anytime.

*As a subscriber you will remain respectful and considerate of me and the users of this website when commenting and/or replying to live feeds & comments.


*The purpose of using such platform is to educate, share knowledge

and build relationships with all of you; in turn creating a fun, exciting and 

transparent experience for all of us!

Let's grow & glow as one! GETSTUNG!

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