Ok, I'm not good at 'About Me's" but I will give it a shot! I'm a super human considering I'm a full time parent of 3 and building 2 businesses on the side. My children are such beautiful spirits and my main motivation on why I'm never giving up! Besides being a mom, I really love what I do!

From servicing clients in their own space, writing blogs, building my plant-based smoothies  business, and creating professional & personal live stream content, 

I can honestly say I enjoy the career I built for myself!

I'm currently licensed in the state of Ohio. All services I offer are mobile and designed to cater to women wanting quality, one-on-one attention.


I have IMDB Hair & Makeup Accreditation, taught a makeup course

at the University of Cincinnati Walnut Hills Campus... I've done hair & makeup for wedding & home-going services. And lastly, I've been blessed

with opportunities beyond what I could have imagined, or expected.

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